Thursday, July 10, 2008

Colosseo - Need I say more?

When the Colosseum falls so too will Rome, and so too the world.

The Romans revolted against Nero because he built his Golden House. Within the home was a lake where the Colosseo stands today. Vesapasian became Emperor after Nero and knew that he had to win the Romans back if there was ever going to be order. Vespasian began construction on the Colosseo. Just like we escape our lives by going to the movies, a cultural event, or a bar the Romans did the very same thing. The Colosseo in Rome is the most famous of the ampitheaters today. In fact they were built throughout the empire. Some of the other famous ones are in Verona (They still hold concerts and cultural events there), Pompeii, and Syracuse Sicily.

The Roman Colosseo holds over 50,000 spectators, had sails over the top to shade fans. The sails were wielded by sailors in the Roman navy. Seats were given by social rank. Exit were called vomitorium, hence the word vomit or to exit. The columns on the exterior are purely decorative and go from bottom to top: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.

This is a must see, must have reservations sight. Buy your tickets at the Palatine Hill ticket office and walk right in to the Colosseo

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