Thursday, July 31, 2008

Capitoline Museum of Rome

Considered the oldest art collection in the Western World the Capitoline Museums offer a great starting point to enjoy Ancient Rome, the Forum, and the Colosseo.

Gifted by the Pope Sixtus IV to the Roman's to prove the greatness of the Roman history this art museum offers a view into anicent Rome that will truly bring the Eternal city to life. Pope Sixtus was the uncle to Pope Julius II. Sixtus built the Sistine Chapel and it bears his name.

Julius II(Sixtus IV's nephew) decorated the ceiling with the help of Michelangelo. Michelangelo decorated the piazza in front of the Capitoline Museum. The statue in front is Marcus Aurelius and has survived because at the time of its placement Pope Paul thought it was the Emperor Constantine. A replica sits in the piazza. The original is inside the museum.

Two of my favorite pieces in the museum are the Colossus of Constantine and the micromosaic taken from Hadrian's villa. You can also see the Dying Gaul and the boy removing a thorn from his foot.

This museum is well worth the visit. You also get a great vantage point into the Forum for photos and the entrance into the Forum is a short walk from the Capitoline Musuems.

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