Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Vespa or not to Vespa

I don't think there is anything as quintessential as a Vespa in Italy. They are everywhere. You can get around quickly, park wherever you want...for the most part, and make you feel like a true Italian when you ride through town.The Vespa is so popular that most days, in the city centers, all you see are Vespas.Keep in mind a few things before you take a ride on the Wasp.

1. The Italians know the streets well. Any second guess on your part can result in an accident.

2. Don't enjoy your first Vespa experience in Rome, Milan, or Florence. I recommend renting on a smaller city to get the hang of it and build up your confidence.

3. Wear a helmet.

4. Don't smoke or take a phone call while riding. You'll see the Italians doing this constantly. They are veterans and can pull it off. Don't try it...too much going on to focus on the cabs, pedestrians.

5. Study the road-signs a bit.

6. On day one, buzz around early in the morning or late in the evening when traffic is lighter.

Enjoy the ride!

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