Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Depravity of Caravaggio

One of the best painters from 17th Century Italy, Caravaggio live a hard and depraved life. He was wanted for murder, had to flee Rome, drank, enjoyed the brothels, and was hated by his contemporary artists for destroying the art of painting.

As a young man he was apprenticed to Simone Peterzano. His master was relatively unknown with his biggest claim to fame was the he studied under the great Titian and produced the great Caravaggio. I guess some of us are eternally students or teachers.

After his apprenticeship Caravaggio moved to Rome with only a few bucks from his parents estate to find his career. He was quickly absorbed into the pleasures the large city of Rome brought to his doorstep and drank, gambled, and enjoyed women. His work at first was simple and didn't pay well.

After he got his feet under him and found the right patrons he was able to begin creating work and was beginning to get paid very well.

Caravaggio's key to success, at least today, is that he used contemporary Romans in 17th century clothes to depict Biblical scenes. He painted as he saw things with all the dirt, blood, grime, and inner soul of his models brought to life. He strayed as far away from "true" religious painting as one could. For this his fellow 17th century artists despised him. They thought he was ruining the art of painting once and for all.

His artwork wasn't rediscovered for its greatness until 100 years ago or so. That isn't to write that some of his powerful patrons didn't see and understand his brilliance. Scipione Borghese collected many of his works and bought them from others that commissioned Caravaggio, but rejected the work upon completion.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Unabellavista is taking it to the airwaves!

Unabellavista is proud to announce that Anthony Capozzoli of Unabellavista will be hosting his own radio show titled, How to Tour Italy. The show airs live on Thursdays from 11:00 - 12:00 in the afternoon starting January 22nd on You can listen live by visiting and clicking on LISTEN on the How to tour Italy page. If you miss it you can listen to the broadcast from anyway...every episode will be recorded. All you have to do is click on the episodes and listen. If you prefer you can download episodes from the Unabellavista podcast page on iTunes and the other podcast sites where you find Unabellavista.

We already have some great guests booked like Paul Bennett of Context Travel, Caron McConnon the Vice-President of Business Development for, and the wonderful author A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome Angela Nickerson.

The show will focus on all the things that make Italy great like art, history, food, wine, tours, culture, and of course travel.

Please listen, call in, and tell your friends and family that love italy.