Friday, June 12, 2009

Positano Dining

One of the wonders of the Amalfi Coast is the food, sometimes above its amazing beauty.  There is a lot more to enjoy than limoncello in one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy.  

1.  La Tagliata - Simply one of the best restaurants in the whole of Italy.  This is a family run place that delivers 100% of the time.  There is no menu, they use the vegetables from their garden, Mom cooks, Dad grills, the Sons cook and serve too.  Start to finish amazing.  For only Euro 35,00 per person you get 8 different antipasti delivered to your table, then a huge family sized plate of the pastas of the day.  After that they'll bring over a platter of grilled meats that would make any carnivore cry.  The limoncello is home-made, the dolci is too.  I had a cake made with Ricotta cheese and pear that brought me to my knees.  I can say that if God came to Italy to eat he would go to Positano and dine at La Tagliata.  I interview the family during the How to Tour Italy show.  One more thing...they have a pick-up and drop-off service.  Just have your hotel call or email them (link is their name) and they'll come get you and drop you off for free.

2.  Da Vincenzo - This great little spot is open for lunch and dinner and is about half-way up the hill in Positano.  You can walk or take the's easy.  Watch my video on getting around in Positano.  This place has been in the family since Nonna had it as a grocery store.  He started cooking for friends and one thing led to another.  Now his grandson, also named Vincenzo, is the namesake for this great place and his Mom and Dad are the owners.  When we did the interview for the How to Tour Italy Project with Vincenzo we got a tour through the kitchen as the chefs prepared the menu and dishes for the day.  They chopped fresh tuna, made fresh pasta, and Mom and Dad cleaned and peeled beans.  The espresso was delicious which came as a perfect ending to a molten-lava, homemade chocolate cake that made me look forward to the hike down the mountain to shag a few pounds.  A must stop in Positano.

3.  Grottino Azzure - One of my favorite little local spots in Positano.  It is near the top near Via Chiesa Nuova next door the Bar International.  Every local knows where it is.  You can take the bus up to it too.  (watch my video).  I had a fantastic bruschetta and a nice arrabiatta sauce.  When it took a little too long they brought over a little pizza.  It was cheap and it was great.  This is a real local spot so be ready for the local fare, the local pace, and a great bill.

4.  Bar International - A great stop for a great espresso, a little snack, some chips, cheap beer, wine and water.  This is a local cafe and one worth the tiny bit of effort to get to in Positano.  It is near Via Chieso Nuova directly across the street from a bus stop.  Any local can tell which stop to hop off at for a little Bar International espresso.

5.  Valle dei Mulini - On the mid to lower side of the hill in Positano near some great clothes shops this little gem has a great garden that you sit in to enjoy lunch or dinner.  I have to admit that the server was a bit of a pain, but the food made up for it.  The pizza was great, but the real claim to fame here was my antipasti.  It was simply grilled vegetables in oil with a touch of salt, but the bufala Mozzarella was grilled and drizzled with a little honey...OMG!  Amazing and worth the price of admission for sure.

6.  If you want or need some additional tips on where to go or what to eat email me at ajc@howtotouritaly and I can dig around for more insider tips from my friends that live in Positano to help you make your trip fantastic.

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