Friday, June 12, 2009

La Piazzetta - The best Florentine Steak in Florence!

This is one of my favorite spots in Florence at Via di Ripoli 43/R.  It is not in the center and you'll have to take a bus or a cab to get here.  Don't worry, after dinner, they'll call you a cab to get you back to your hotel.  This place is filled with locals.  You will very likely be the only tourist there and that is fantastic.

1.  The Florentine Steak here is so good it hurts.  I don't care what you've heard, or read this is the best place to get the coveted Florentine steak.  They do it right every time and this is the best in town.

2.  The grilled and skewered meat is fantastic.  They skewer it, cook it on the grill perfectly, and hang it from a stand at your table so you can dig in like a true carnivore.

3.  Do you like seafood?  If so, then this place still rocks.  They have a wonderful, for lack of a better term, Paella loaded with seafood and big enough to feed the entire table.

4.  Still hungry?  The pizza here is outrageously good with so many options any pizza lover can find exactly what they're looking for.  They make Vera Pizza here.

5.  Room for more still?  The pasta is very nice.  Go with one of the meat pastas to take advantage of their incredible meat selection.

6.  The house wine is a bottle and not a carafe of wine, but don't's cheap and very good.

7.  The dolci is fantastic.  A huge list to choose from.  I love the first one on the dolci page.

8.  Still have room?  The Grappa list is impressive.

9.  Digestivo!  End with a nice Cynar a little espresso and roll into your cab.

10.  Price tag - Not bad at all.  Very affordable or can get a little pricey if you go with a large meat selection.  

VERY GOOD!  Excellent in fact!  Check out their website.  The menu is posted.  

I forgot one thing.  They have a great outdoor seating area that will make you smile and the night even more fun.

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