Friday, June 12, 2009

Great eats - Florence

These are listed in no particular order. 

1.  Le Colonnine at Via de' Benci 6/R - a good spot for lunch very near Santa Croce.  This is a well-priced spot with good pizza and crostini.  Indoor and outdoor seating.

2.  Rubaconte at Via Ghibellina 178/R - Not too far from the Bargello this place has great A/C for a little retreat from the Italy heat and some good pizza and pasta.  Their Fagioli Uccelletto is very good.  They are used to serving large groups from walking tours so they move pretty quickly if you're pressed for time.  The Olio Piccante is very good here.

3.  Bar Rum e Pere at Via Proconsolo 2/R - directly next door to the Bargello.  Make this your cafe.  It is very well priced for being so close to a great museum.  It is really a little local joint tucked in to the center of Florence.  You pay less the Euro 1,00 for a good espresso.  The beer is cold, the wine isn't bad either.  Stick to the bar here.  The food is below average since it isn't make on premise, but bought and stacked into the cooler.  They have a bathroom if you're in a jam; buy an espresso at least though.  

4.  Grom at Via di Campanile and the corner of Via Oche a very short walk from the Duomo - This is the third best gelato in Florence and I included it in my Gelato, Chocolate, and Panini walking tour (download it from iTunes and print it off for walking directions too).  I like the granita here and the pistacchio.

5.  Trattoria Alfredo at Via dei Leoni 14/R - A very short walk to the Uffizi, Piazza Signoria, the Bargello, and my favorite gelato in Florence Alfredo isn't too bad at all.  The crostini are good, the chef's pasta of the day is always a good bet, and the service is good.  They have good fruit salad here as well.  

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