Friday, June 12, 2009

Here is how you DON'T wait in line at the Uffizi or to see the David in Florence

1.  Go to OrsanMichelle in Florence.
2.  On the side between the statue of Saint John the Baptist and Doubting Thomas there is a little booth.
3.  That booth sells tickets to all state run museums which include the Accademia (David) and the Uffizi.
4.  Go there, walk up, buy your tickets for same day entrance.  
5.  Walk right by the people in line.  

A. Go early so you can choose what day you want to get in.  
B. Pick your time.
C.  If you have time to kill do my Gelato, Chocolate, and Panini walk through Florence and enjoy some of the city's best Gelato, Chocolate, and Panini.

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