Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting to the Amalfi Coast on the Circumvesuviana

It's a snap.  All you have to do is get to Naples.  At the Naples train station called Napoli Centrali simply follow the signs to Circumvesuviana.  

1.  As you get off a train you'll walk down the binaro towards the station.
2.  You'll walk to your left.
3.  Hit up any of the tabacchi in the station along the way to buy your tickets.
4.  Be sure to hit the bathroom.  It's a long ride (about an hour and a half) to Sorrento and once you enter the corridor leading from the main Naples train station to Circumvesuviana there is no bathroom.
5.  If you need cash there is an ATM (Bancomat in Italy) down the same corridor towards the Circumvesuviana line.  You have to slide your card to be let into the room through a secured door to get to the actual ATM.  A VERY good thing at Napoli Centrali.
6.  Follow the signs.
7.  Feed your ticket into the ticket-feed like at any public transportation turnstyle.
8.  It beeps and you walk through.
9.  You will see a little cafe.  Grab an espresso and a bottle of water.
10.  Go down the stairs to binario 2 and 3.  The train will come on your right as you walk down the stairs.
11.  The TV's will tell you when the next train to Sorrento arrives.
12.  Got on.  Fight for a position because it gets packed.
13.  Watch your pockets at all times.
14.  The train starts to emply after the fifth stop or so and you'll likely be able to get a seat.
15.  Sorrento is the last stop so enjoy the ride.

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