Monday, May 25, 2009

Those aren't lemons, but they're great to eat!

Those aren’t lemons, but they are amazing!  The delicious Bread Lemon.

Those huge football sized lemons you see on the Amalfi Coast dressing up windows aren’t actually lemons.  They are fantastic to eat though.  The locals call them Limone di Pane which means bread lemon.

They smell like grapefruit, but are about the same weight as a regular sized lemon.  The fruit inside is protected by a an enormous pith that gives the fruit its size and its name.

The locals cut it in half and then slice it into smaller, bite sized slices about the size of a lemon you get for a cocktail at a bar.  Then they sprinkle a little sugar on it for an after dinner treat that is fantastic.  The only thing they don’t eat is the skin…it’s too bitter.

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