Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally, we're in Rome and the Project begins

No day of travel is without its perils.  We missed our connection in London, but we managed to enjoy lunch with our friend Darryl C.  One of the greatest guys I know.

Our first leg from O'Hare to London wasn't too bad.  We flew coach.  (I tried to upgrade, but couldn't get it done)  The time flew since I slept.  I couldn't help getting annoyed with a little boy across the aisle who wouldn't stop yelling, screaming, and otherwise causing a problem.

I enjoy watching how others travel.  There are people out there who are always complaining and miss the concept that traveling is the adventure.  The stuff you do in the middle is the easy part.

A group of older folks were on our flight.  The men wore WWII gear so you knew they had been to the Big One and lived to tell about it.  I was impressed that they all sat in the middle row of 5 on the 777 and didn't budge, say a word, or complain a bit.  They didn't even get up to go to the bathroom.  I enjoyed watching them as they easily conversed with each other and everyone around them with the ease that only comes from surviving something that should have been your end.  It was nice to see them embracing every moment unconcerned about the little or the big things.  The only things these gentlemen were concerned with was that their wives had what they needed for the flight like a bottle of water and something to read.

I'm a bit tired so I won't pontificate, but suffice it to say I hope I can be as at ease in my skin someday as these men were in theirs.

Feed your soul.  

Tomorrow...the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, San Luigi dei Francesi, and the Colosseo.

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Michael Kovnick said...

Have a laugh and read my experience from 2 1/2 years ago with 'missed connections in london' and 'keeping your cool'

I think you will find it comforting :-)