Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cool stuff to do in Florence

Some Very Cool Stuff to Do in Florence


Accademia Museum – Do you like Michelangelo?  Who doesn’t?  Do you like Maplethorpe?  Most actually don’t…to in their face.  Put your opinion aside and dive into a cool concept.  Check out how the contemporary isn’t that much different from the classic.  Compare Michelangelo’s David to the nude photography of Maplethorpe to understand things haven’t changed all that much.


Iris Garden – through may 20 check out the blooming Iris’s from the Florentine Iris Society at Piazzale Michelangelo.  A real springtime treat for flower lovers with a wonderful view of Florence.


Check out for great information about what to do and what’s happening in Tuscany. 


Amico Museo – Through Sunday May 17th Tuscany is offering a taste of the Artisan’s life.  You can visit wonderful museums and historical workshops from Siena to Lucca, and more to dive into ancient flour mills, villas, churches, and much more.


“Genius We are Born” – celebrate the genius of Florence from artists to filmmakers to scientists.  Go to  May 15 – 24th.  Hear people reading Dante in the Streets, attend lectures on Da Vinci, Learn about Clement VII.


Trofeo Marzocco – Florentine Flag Throwing at its finest in Piazza Signoria on May 23.  See the best compete for a truly medieval spectacle with thousands of photo opps.  This is something you can’t see just anywhere.


Celebrate the anniversary of the death of Fra Angelico in Florence on May 23.  First a mass at Capella dei Priori in Palazzo Vecchio, then a small parade to Piazza Signoria, then palms and flowers will dress the plaque marking the spot where he was burned to death in the Piazza.  It all starts at 10:00 AM in Palazzo Vecchio.


Galileo at Palazzo Strozzi until August 30th.  Learn about the genius that is Galileo through lectures, videos.  Lots of other goodies from Pompeii, plus Botticelli, Rubens, and more.


Love wine?  Of course you do.  Check out Corte del Vino on May 23 – 24.  400 wines, 80 winemakers, taste it all, taste the best.  Only 18 Euro per ticket.  You can also enjoy lunch for a little extra. - if you like wine you have to check out the guided tours and tastings in Tuscany on May 31.  All of Italy’s wines are present and accounted for so you can indulge Napa Style.  This is a real treat since Italy doesn’t often present its wines like Napa does for tours and tastings. 


Are you a fan of Filippo Lippi?  After 7 years of restoration his fresco cycle in Prato is available to enjoy by guided tour.  Call 0574 24112 to make a reservation.





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Marcus, Florence Italy said...

There's nothing that I like more than a nice steak (bistecca all Fiorentina)and a glass of red wine from Tuscany - any red, I'm very seldom disappointed with wines from Tuscany.
Have you tried a Tuscany winery tour by bicycle? Great fun! The return trip is even more interesting - especially if you put wine in your water bottle!