Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Michelangelo

Today is a great day.  It's sunny and warm in Chicago and it's Michelangelo's Birthday.  I won't be rude and tell you how old he is, but suffice it to say...we'll need a pretty big cake to get all of his candles on it.  Nonetheless, no birthday would be complete without a little discussion about the birthday boy.

1.  Today is his birthday.
2.  Thought his nursemaid gave him his love of sculpture.
3.  Didn't like painting at all.
4.  Considered himself a sculpture first and foremost.
5.  Refused the Pope three times for the job in the Sistine Chapel.
6.  Lorenzo Medici took him in to hone his artistic skill and ability.
7.  Beaten by his uncle and father to dissuade him from pursuing art as a career.
8.  Didn't trust anyone.
9.  Rarely changed clothes.
10.  Didn't eat or drink much.
11.  Was a little grumpy all the time.
12.  Some of his most famous work: David, Pieta, Pieta Ultima, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Sistine Chapel Altar Wall, Medici Chapel, St. Peter's Dome, Moses, and Pope Julius II's tomb.
13.  Would hate his current's not up to his standards.
14.  Motivation was the Belvedere Torso in the Vatican Musuem.
15.  His Risen Christ in Rome is rarely crowded to visit and you can get right up to it.  
17.  The How to Tour Italy Radio show segment with Angela is a great way to celebrate Mike's Birthday.
19.  Read the Agony and Ecstasy of Michelangelo for a great fictional and historical read.
20.  Michelangelo died in Rome.
21.  He was smuggled back to Florence after his death by his nephew.
22.  He was laid in state in Santa Croce in the Sacristy on the Main, Central Cabinet.
23.  You can see his unfinished tomb in Florence at the Duomo Museum.
24.  His nose was broken by a fellow artist after Mike criticized his artwork.

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