Monday, October 6, 2008

Pack light, pack light, pack light

2 weeks in Italy, one carry-on and a backpack! The key to enjoying yourself in Italy is to pack light so traveling isn't a pain. Running through train stations and getting through the airport are so much easier with only a few things. Plus you don't have to check any luggage which is fantastic. I did go a little crazy at REI this weekend. I bought a new carry-on bag, backpack, fleece, and wired camera strap. Oh, I did buy a new travel duffel bag to load with the stuff I buy for the return trip. It comes in its own zip pouch and clips onto my roller bag.

I now have everything I need for a great trip: bags, camera, video camera, hotels, train tickets, fleece, and a well planned itinerary. The only thing left to do is book my reservation for the Accademia, Uffizi, and Borghese.

With only one carry-on bag I am limited to what I can bring so doing laundry is something I'll have to do midtrip. I'll likely cheat and have the hotel do it and pay a premium. I've never liked the idea of wasting time scrubbing my clothes. I don't like it here and I surely won't like it while in Bella Terra.

I'm not sure what I'm most excited about for this trip? Seeing some of my favorite artwork, the food, or seeing K's face enjoying Italy since she hasn't been there before. Probably seeing Italy through her eyes.

Remeber - pack light, only bring what you need, and make reservations at key museums so not to waste any time waiting in line. Oh, if you run out of something Italy has everything you need so don't sweat it.

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